Unorthodox Solutions Proven Results!



Who I am is a consultant, and like many consultants I wish to bring my expertise and insight to businesses who are looking to improve and drive their businesses forward, or bring them back from the brink. Yet the difference is in how I achieve it and what I wish to impart on my clientele. It can be summated in the Logo ‘Elucid8’, a play on the word ‘Elucidate’ which comes from the Latin word ‘Elucidatus’ which means to make something clear or to explain. The number 8 being used in many different cultures and signifies harmony, balance along with noble business pursuits such as the pursuit of success and wealth.

In short what I bring to the table is harmonious success with solutions, direction and strategy that serves the business while being sustainable and ethical. For that reason I will make your business better in a way you can rest easy at night, with the tools and guidance to ensure you understand clearly.

In conjunction with my network of professional resources, I am more than capable of providing end-to-end holistic and compliant solutions for your business.


Extraordinary value

Driven by generating extraordinary value, I deliver business turnaround through detailed analysis of the current situation, breakdown of issues to manageable components, development of shared understanding among staff, and providing realistic strategic options for improvements.

Always applying a growth mindset, the value of those solutions has included:

Increased operation efficiency
  • Driving higher productivity reviewing key areas including analysis, reporting, support, billing; modernizing the entire back of house software system – Finchcorp
  • Reducing lead time by 86 days and slashing product costs, overhauling supply & logistics systems, developing relationships to secure cheaper local products Aussie Concrete Products
  • Initiating and implementing a restructure of the entire maintenance and procurement process, identifying multi million reductions of holdings – Australian Country Choice
  • Creating a cataloguing ‘wizard’ co-developing the algorithm, removing duplicate parts entry and almost doubling stock over 12 months – Australian Country Choice
  • Reducing downtime from months to just hours with more accurate provisioning and standby measures – Australian Country Choice
Driving business growth
  • Increasing average customer monthly spend 10-fold and with an accompanying increase in GP with a new support business model “Finchcorp Assist” for managing customer support and managed services
  • Initiating US expansion with Home Depot – Aussie Concrete Products